Moving To Student Halls: What’s Usually Provided

If you’ve just been accepted at your firm choice of university, and have decided to live in student halls, you’re probably feeling very excited about the prospects that the next year will hold. Moving in to student halls can be quite scary, especially the idea of sharing a home with strangers, and it can be quite hard to imagine what life will be like once you’ve moved. Knowing what to take can also be quite confusing, so here’s a handy guide to what’s usually ready and waiting for you when you move into student halls. 


Although it’s usually pretty basic, you’ll be provided with a bed, desk, chair, and usually some shelves in your bedroom. In the living room you will be provided with a table and chairs, some halls will also provide sofas, and all your kitchen white goods. Depending on the halls that you’re moving into, some also may provide sofa beds, a TV, and other furniture items such as workplace footrests at your desk. The amount and quality of furniture that you’re provided with is usually reflected in the price that you pay, so the more expensive your rent is, the more you’re likely to get.


When you move into student halls, you’re usually placed randomly into a flat with a number of flatmates, all of which don’t usually know each other. This can be the scariest part of moving in, however, if you approach it with an open mind and resolve to be friends with your flatmates, you’ll probably all be best friends a few months in. It’s inevitable that you might have arguments with your flatmates from time to time, and it depends on the individuals involved how you resolve it. It’s important that you treat your flatmates with respect and courteously, so don’t assume that you can borrow food, and make sure everybody’s ok with arrangements to share plate and cutlery, for example before you use anybody else’s. It’s also a really good idea to set up a rota for household jobs such as washing up and taking out the bins.

Kitchen Goods

You’ll probably be provided with a fridge, kettle, microwave, toaster, and oven, although this may vary for different halls, so if you’re unsure, ring up and check beforehand. Most halls will also provide you with a vacuum hoover, a mop and bucket, a bin, and an iron and ironing board, although again this may vary. You’ll need to buy all your own pans, plates, dishes, and cutlery, although it might be a good idea to wait until you’ve moved in first, so that you can put together with your flatmates to buy some that all the flat can use.